Batman Arkham Knight Foam Armor Tutorial Kit



Own your own copy of the eBook, digital patterns and access to tutorial videos to create your own foam armor as shown in the pictures.

The Arkham Knight Foam Armor Instruction Kit Includes:
-All patterns to make foam armor like the one shown in above pictures.
-Access to 10 videos (over an hour’s worth) showing you how to build every part of your armor step by step.
-List of inexpensive and readily available materials and where to get them locally and online.

To make it easy, all patterns are designed to be printed on 8.5” x 11” paper.

All you will need are the following readily available materials:
-EVA foam or Anti-Fatigue floor mats
-craft foam
-spray paint
-heat gun
-hobby and utility knives

No expensive tools like a belt sander or Dremel are necessary.

This kit covers the creation of the armor in the pictures and only that armor. The kit does not include instructions on gauntlets, mask, etc.

A finished set of armor is approximately 16” wide shoulder tip to shoulder tip (does not include additional width of shoulder armor) and 19” from top of chest to bottom.

The design is one size fits most. You can adjust and resize pattern pieces if you like.

This listing is for the eBook, patterns and access to the instructional videos, NOT the finished product.

30 day money back guarantee. If you’re not happy with the instructional kit, get a full refund.


“…thanks a bunch for the book! … got more than I expected. Especially with the length and detailed explanations in the videos…Very much worth the money. Ill be sure to recommend you to others.” – Colin Kelley


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