Batman Mask Cowl And Neck Piece: Noel Inspired


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Get your Batman Noel inspired cowl with neck piece now!

Quick shipment: Will be shipped out within two weeks of purchase.

30 day money back guarantee. If it doesn’t fit or you don’t like it, return it no questions asked.

The cowl and neck piece is made of a thick and flexible yet strong shore 40 urethane rubber.

Cowl and neck are separate pieces for your comfort and ease to turn your head naturally. Now you don’t have to turn your whole body to look at something. No stiff and exhausted neck!

Will fit a head up to 24″ large and will fit larger heads due to stretch. Padding can be used for smaller heads. Model in picture has 23.5″ head.

Great for display or wearing.

“I have quite a few batman cowls and I can say this by far is the best quality cowl you can get out there. I love mine, and is by far my favorite cowl I own…and I have 7 cowls.” – Rex Dahl

“The quality of work is awe inspiring. You’ve done a masterful job, thank you very much. I can’t overstate my excitement to utilize this pieceā€¦ I can’t say this enough, this cowl is incredible. Thank you for your help and your great service!” – Russell Moore

“I am confident this is the best batman cowl available… I am so happy with this cowl. The quality is amazing: the material, the aesthetics, the shape of the inside of the mask that makes me want to keep it on because it is so comfortable …And the customer service and shipping is amazing.” – Trey Bennett

We created this cowl with high quality in mind and a movie level look. It will last you years of parties and conventions when taken care of properly.

This listing is for:

1. Mask
2. Neck Piece
3. Black under-hood garment

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